Types of Massage

The Differences in the Modalities

Swedish Massage
In Topeka, Kansas providing Swedish Massage this relaxing slow movement massage also includes mild kneading and friction techniques. The combination of these three strokes improves circulation, eliminates tension and stress that leave you feeling soothed and relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage (Also Known As Muscle Release Technique)
I provide in Topeka, Kansas this technique that I use smooth, swedish style strokes are used in combination with slow firm pressure. This technique releases chronic patterns of tension and pain by using focused thumb, finger, more stretching and a little bit of elbow pressure.

Prenatal Massage
This is offered in Topeka, Kansas to women who are 3 months or 21 weeks or longer into their pregnancy . This is similar to Swedish Massage with the client laying
on her side. This elevates the lower back pain that most women experience while being pregnant.

CranioSacral Therapy
This an approach that is in Topeka, Kansas that relieves pain and dysfunction deep in the body. This technique can have the client sitting up or lying down with their clothes on. A client can have a headache, back ache or joint pain and this technique can be used to relieve the pain.

Even though this originates from Japan,here in Topeka, Kansas,  this technique assists the body, mind, and soul using gentle energetic techniques. Reiki elevates many common forms of pain.

While massaging the feet, your therapist who is in Topeka, Kansas will be able to help eliminate the causes and symptoms of sickness and pain from your whole body.

On-Site Chair Massage
As the name suggests, it’s a massage for people on the go, for someone who doesn’t want to get on the massage table, and for those who work in Corporations and would like the Massage Therapist to come to them in Topeka, Kansas or the surrounding area.

Muscle and energy Work
It’s a combination of massage techniques with energy being used in Topeka, Kansas. It is a combination of Swedish Massage, Muscle Release Technique, and Reiki or Meridian path work that releases tension to tight muscles.

Topeka, Kansas has this technique that uses muscle movement techniques to deal with alleviating and eliminating pain, restoring range of motion, and improving posture.

Elderly Massage
This technique is slower paced for the elderly and uses pillows for comfort so client can be side-lying instead of on their stomach.Some people like this technique in Topeka, Kansas because some neck muscles are easier to get to.

Hot Stone Massage
Using heated smooth basalt stones to relieve tense muscles and sore joints, its an unforgettable massage. The hot stones are used in combination with the massage techniques that are used in Swedish Massage in Topeka, Kansas.

Raindrop Technique
Dropping high end essential oils on the back, using massage, and VitaFlex, this brings the mind, body, and soul into balance. VitaFlex originally developed in Tibet, is a specialized form of massage that is especially effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils to the body. This was developed by Dr. Gary Young and is used here at the office in Topeka, Kansas.

Lymphatic Drainage

A massage technique that allows inflammation and or swelling of different parts of the body or all over, to be released in Topeka, Kansas. This technique can have client clothed or unclothed.

Seaweed Wrap

A technique used to assist with detoxing the body. I have had clients loose from 4 inches to 8 inches around the whole body in Topeka, Kansas.

Salt and Mud Wrap

Also in Topeka, Kansas, this technique uses warm towels twice so that excess fluids can be removed in a gentle manner. Thus causes the body to relax even more.